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Smartly increase average order value with customizable checkbox upsells and product offers. Set up in seconds. Works well with all themes.

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How OneTick Helps You Grow AOV In A Smart Way

Design Add-On Products with Customizable Checkboxes

OneTick enables you to create complementary products or services in the form of checkboxes and sell it along with your main products. Easily customize the checkbox style to match your brand identity.

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Offer Relevant Products at the Bottom Of The Funnel Step

OneTick lets you create a list of relevant product based on Shopify AI recommendation or our logical conditions, and seamlessly add it to the cart page and cart drawer. 

Track the Upselling Performance with Advanced Analytics

Our built-in analytics provides real-time visibility into the total sales generated by checkboxes and product offers separately, which helps you gain insights for your upselling strategy and optimize it to achieve better sales.

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OneTick Is Built For Any Ecommerce Stores

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Multiple Checkboxes

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Product Offers

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