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Smartly increase average order value with customizable checkbox upsells. Set up in seconds. Works well with all themes.

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How OneTick Helps You Grow AOV In A Smart Way

Tailor every detail to captivate your customers

With OneTick, you can customize the checkbox heading, description, and even the checkbox style to capture your customers' attention.

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Flexibility to assign checkboxes to any product

You can display multiple checkboxes for one product as well as assign one checkbox to multiple products. Leverage the power of checkbox upselling to smoothly entice your customers to take action.

Seamless Upselling on Any Page

Your checkboxes can be embedded within product details on any type of page whenever your customers' interest are piqued.

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Track the Performance with In-app Analytics

Our built-in analytics provides real-time visibility into the total sales generated by checkboxes, which helps you gain insights for your upselling strategy and optimize it to achieve better sales.

OneTick is built for any Ecommerce store

Easy to use

No code required

Optimized for mobile

Free plan

Built by Shopify experts

Live chat support

See How Your Checkboxes Show On Storefront

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Single checkbox

Product page with one checkbox

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Multiple checkboxes

Product page with multiple checkboxes

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