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Ecomate's goal is to offer a suite of apps that enable merchants to convert visitors at every touchpoint of their store, leading them towards the ultimate destination of becoming a loyal returning customer.

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Shoppable Instagram Feed

VIBE lets you customize shoppable Instagram feeds with taggedproducts, creating a unique and eye-catching shopping experience.

Shoppable Instagram Feeds

Give your customers a novel shopping experience with interactiveInstagram posts by tagging products into them.

Show Media from Instagram Accounts

You control what you display on your website by sourcing photos andreels directly from your Instagram account.

100% Compatible with your Shopify Theme

Adding Instagram feeds to your store is easier than ever. Use OS 2.0app blocks to display VIBE feeds without any coding.

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Checkbox Upsell Cross Sell

OneTick empowers you to increase order value and sales by creating appealing add-on checkboxes and triggering product recommendations.

Upsell your Sales with Customizable Checkboxes

Providing customers with complementary add-ons and services before checkout. Work with a product details on any pages.

Maximize AVO with Tailored Product Offers

Display personalized product suggestions to upsell in the cart page and cart drawer.

Manage Attributed Sales with Advanced Analytics

Track the sales generated by checkboxe upsells and product offers in separate views.

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Checkout Page Optimization Solution

CheckMate lets you create personalized upsell & cross-sell offers for maximum value order at every checkout.

Product Offers

Promote other products on the checkout page so customers don't miss out.

Product Cross-Sells

Display related product right under in-cart items to increase the chance of additional sales.

Smart Expression Logic

Personalize product offers on the checkout page based on customspecific conditions.

Shopify Recommendation AI

Let Shopify's AI show you what products would work best on thecheckout page.

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